Bandit, oil on wood panel, 16″x16″

bandit small

Hi everyone. This is one of many pet portrait commissions I’ve gratefully had this holiday season.¬†¬†My client hired me to do this portrait of his family’s beloved dog, Bandit. Bandit is a 16 x 16 inch oil painting and done on wood panel. I prefer wood panel over canvas because it allows me¬†to achieve the detail I’m striving for. The 10% donation for Bandit’s commission was sent to Rutherford County Humane Society¬†of North Carolina; a wonderful organization!

I’m booked up for the rest of the holidays. However, if you know of a loved one that might like a portrait of their four-legged friend, I have gift certificates available. Thank you!

Scrappy, oil on wood panel, 8×10 inches

cat oil portrait
cat oil portrait

Hi friends!¬†Here is my latest commission. This is Scrappy. Suits him, right? He was my friend Amy’s¬†forever kitty. I love the stories she has to tell about him. At bed time, he would sleep with his paw in her hand. He beat up the neighborhood dogs when they dared to venture into his yard. When cats did the same, he would “scream like a girl.” I’m loving this little tough guy!

I donate 10% of all sales to animal welfare and Amy has decided to have her donation go to Best Friends Animal Society, a great organization!

Domino, oil on cradled wood panel, 10×10 inches

domino 825 72

This is Domino. Sadly, Domino passed away recently and his mom, Janet, wanted to have a portrait done in his memory. She told me how he was by her side always. He lived a long and happy life with a person that adored him. I wish all dogs were so fortunate.

Janet, left it up to me as to where her 10% donation would go. So I decided to give it to a friend that works through Rutherford County Humane Society. She is a foster mom and works tirelessly to help animals. It’s a full time job and she gives the animals in her care her all.

Dingo, oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″

dingo 600 copy

This is Dingo, better known as Dingy-da-Pingy. Dingo came to live with me before he was even born! I found his mama behind the Barnes and Noble bookstore where I worked in Johnson City, Tn. I brought her home clueless to the fact that she was pregnant with 5 babies. (Thank you Kirsten Collins for adopting 2 of them:) Dingo came out yelling and hollerin’ so i decided to name him Domingo after Placido Domingo. Over time Domingo was shortened to Dingo and now he has to live with the most undignified name of Dingy. I have to admit, it fits.

Jackson, oil on wood panel,¬†8″x 8″

jackson800 ppi smaller

This is my brother’s dog, Jackson. I painted him because, well…just look at him! What a face. I must say Jackson is a little wild man but sweet as honey and he is so loved. We had a Boxer named Tuffy, when were growing up and he made such an impact on my brother, that as an adult, he decided to adopt a Boxer of his own. Jackson is the third in a line of sweet, gentle Boxers my brother has brought into his family.

Full Circle, oil paint and graphite on paper, 30″ x 40″

small full circle - 45 copy 2

This is another piece from my series on elephants. It began simply as an oil painting on paper, but I found myself wanting to inscribe a poem about elephants into the paint. As I¬†progressed, I found myself, simply venting, writing furiously about a personal issue I was having at the time. I felt as though I and the elephant were going through the same trials. Towards the end of the painting, I found myself back to writing the poem I began with. Hence, the name, “Full Circle.”