Echo, colored pencil on toned paper, 14″ x 11″

Echo Final copy

This colored pencil drawing of Echo was commissioned by my friend Gwen. As a puppy, Echo and his litter mates were dumped from a moving car and Gwen’s son Tyler, rescued him. Echo is truly, Gwen’s baby. The collar was very important to the portrait because Gwen tells me, when she removes it, he gets very agitated and insists on her putting it back!!

Jackson, oil on wood panel, 8″x 8″

jackson800 ppi smaller

This is my brother’s dog, Jackson. I painted him because, well…just look at him! What a face. I must say Jackson is a little wild man but sweet as honey and he is so loved. We had a Boxer named Tuffy, when were growing up and he made such an impact on my brother, that as an adult, he decided to adopt a Boxer of his own. Jackson is the third in a line of sweet, gentle Boxers my brother has brought into his family.

Shri-Gaja, mixed media, 30″ x 40″

shri-gaja small copy 2

This drawing was part of my final exhibition when I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts degree. “Shri-Gaja”, Lady Laxmi’s elephant, is the name given this divine elephant during Hindu prayer. He may also be referred to as Megha, meaning “cloud.”  It is believed that when this divine animal is called upon, it can conjure rainfall.

Maggie, colored pencil on toned paper, 14″ x 11″

maggiedog copy

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I’ve posted any new work but with the holidays approaching, I’ve been busy again. Above is a portrait of Maggie. She belongs to my friend, Kristin’s mother. Kristin was my veterinarian when I lived in Tennessee. She and all her techs were a godsend. They helped me and my babies through so many tough times. Kristin, thank you so much for the commission!  Pinecrest Veterinary Clinic 

Oreo and Molly, mixed media, 12″ x 11″

mollie and oreo 72copy

Oreo and Molly are English Fox Hounds. Their dad asked them to hop inside this Christmas sled and they willingly did so! This was one of many wonderful stories I was told about Oreo and Molly. They were two individuals with completely different personalities. Oreo was quiet and mellow, while Molly was always into something. They both lived long lives with their family from the time they were little pups into old age. I was commissioned to do a drawing of this great shot and truly enjoyed it.

Brownie, colored pencil on toned paper, 11″x 11″

brownie color pencil 300dpi copy 2

Brownie is my mischievous little monster and I adore him. He is definitely a mama’s boy!!! I found Brownie when he was a little pup. He was running down a busy Tennessee highway, fast as his little legs could carry him. I pulled my truck over and ran to him. When i bent to pick him up, he cried and cried as if to say how tired he was. Needless to say he won my heart. After searching for a good home for him and finding one, I broke down and told the adopters I could’nt let him go. I have never regretted it for a minute.

Rocky, graphite and watercolor, 10″x 10″

rocky72 dpi copy

This is Rocky. He has a sad story but I hope I’ve helped in some way to make his life better. He and his little buddy, Jake came to live with me when Rocky was 12 years old. His caretaker had passed from cancer and the woman’s husband decided to surrender the dogs to the local shelter. The story broke my heart so of course they came to live with me. Thanks to the wonderful Jenifer Parry Steele of Newport Animal Shelter for making this happen. She does so much to help animals every day. Rocky has blessed my life many times over. He is very protective of me and follows my every footstep. Each morning he comes to me and gives me a big lick across the face as if to say, “Thanks Mom.

Marilyn and Molly, colored pencil, 12″x 9″

marilynmolly copy

You may have seen the earlier posting of Oreo and Molly in the sled. Well, this commission is from the same client. It’s a surprise gift for his wife. This is Molly and Marilyn, the day they adopted her and brought her home. She lived a long happy life and brought them much joy. This gift is in remembrance of Molly. A donation for this portrait was given to the fantastic organization, Rutherford County Humane Society of North Carolina.


Full Circle, oil paint and graphite on paper, 30″ x 40″

small full circle - 45 copy 2

This is another piece from my series on elephants. It began simply as an oil painting on paper, but I found myself wanting to inscribe a poem about elephants into the paint. As I progressed, I found myself, simply venting, writing furiously about a personal issue I was having at the time. I felt as though I and the elephant were going through the same trials. Towards the end of the painting, I found myself back to writing the poem I began with. Hence, the name, “Full Circle.”

Fergie, graphite, watercolor and colored pencil, 14″ x 11″

72 fergie copy

This is a traditional pencil drawing done on Yupo, a type of synthetic paper, normally used for watercolor. The eyes are done in watercolor and a bit of colored pencil. This pup’s name is Fergie and yes, her eyes are really that blue! the reason I drew the chain around her neck is because Fergie lives her life chained up, 24/7. She lives in a very poor rural area of West Virginia. A longtime friend of mine, went to this small town with the group, Appalachian Service Project to help people in the area with carpentry repairs and such. That is when he met Fergie and brought back pictures of her. She broke my heart.