Boo, pastel on toned paper, 8×8 inches

pastel pet drawing

This is Boo. About 13 years ago, I was working at a Barnes and Noble bookstore, and a stray kitty was living in the parking lot. I adopted her and found out she was pregnant! Sugar Momma had 6 kittens and Boo was one of them. Boo and his brother Otis went to live with my friend Kirsten where they have lived long and happy lives. Boo is black but when he basks in the sun, one can see rich brown hues throughout his fur.

Kirsten is a horse lover and asked that her donation go to Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center. This fabulous organization located in Lexington, Kentucky is dedicated to reschooling and matching former racehorses to new homes in suitable second careers.A quote on their website states, ” Our program aspires to echo the dignity and integrity of the American Thoroughbred.” As a horse lover myself, I am thrilled to know this organization exists to give these amazing creatures a second chance at life and love.

Samson and Hercules, pastel on toned paper, 8×10 inches

pastel pet portraits

Drawing Samson and Hercules was such a wonderful experience for me. Their person, Jannes is one of the kindest people I have ever met and is a true animal lover. She commissioned this portrait for her husband’s Father’s Day gift. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes (including mine,) as both pups have passed on but they were loved dearly.

I donate 10% of all commissions to animal welfare and Jannes chose Blind Cat Rescue  in St.Pauls, NC. Jannes had her own blind and deaf kitty named Bella. She’s devoted an entire Facebook page to her story. It will give you chills, the love is so apparent. Here’s her story and her Facebook page. Get ready to shed some tears of joy!

Here’s a great photo of Jannes’ husband, Ricky, with his gift.


Mouse, graphite, 8×8 inches

custom pet Porträt

Mouse came to live with Janis when, as a kitten, she was abandoned with her litter mates in a box, in front of Janis’ house. Janis, being the kind person she is, rescued them and brought them back to health. She kept Mouse and named her so, because of her big “mousey” ears! Mouse’s siblings, Becky and Billy, went to live with Janis’ mother.

Mouse was Janis’ forever kitty. One of my favorite things Janis told me was that Mouse would run around the house, as if she were dancing. Janis called Mouse, her “Tiny Dancer.”

Janis requested her 10% donation go to the GoFundMe page, “2016: The Year of Tiger“. This fundraiser is in honor of Tiger, the pet cat that was shot and killed with a bow and arrow by veterinarian, Kristen Lindsey. The funds will cover legal fees to prevent this person from practicing veterinary medicine in the United States. If you would like to donate to this honorable cause, just click the link and you’ll be taken to their page. Thank you!

cat pencil drawing

Just received this photo from Janis. I’m so thrilled to see Mouse framed, and what an elegant choice of frame and mat!

Scrappy, oil on wood panel, 8×10 inches

cat oil portrait
cat oil portrait

Hi friends! Here is my latest commission. This is Scrappy. Suits him, right? He was my friend Amy’s forever kitty. I love the stories she has to tell about him. At bed time, he would sleep with his paw in her hand. He beat up the neighborhood dogs when they dared to venture into his yard. When cats did the same, he would “scream like a girl.” I’m loving this little tough guy!

I donate 10% of all sales to animal welfare and Amy has decided to have her donation go to Best Friends Animal Society, a great organization!

Doodle, pastel on toned paper, 8×8 inches

Pastel pet portraits

This pastel pet portrait is of Doodle, a.k.a. Punk. E. Doodle, Punkie, and Punkin. You know how it goes. You adopt this sweet little baby and as he grows so does his name. It changes and evolves over time and before you know it, he has more names than you can remember!

One of my favorite memories is of how Doodle loved to play hide and seek when I made the bed with fresh linens. He came to live with me after I fostered he and his mother and siblings. Well…you can guess how that turned out! How could I not keep him? His mother was a stray that kept finding her way into an opening in a man’s mobile home. She was, of course, looking for a safe place for her little family. The man called a local feral cat rescue where I volunteered and that’s how they came to live with me. I ultimately adopted both he and his sister, Peaches, and my mom took his brother and mother. They’ve all left us by now but they graced our lives in so many ways. Love you Doodle!

Domino, oil on cradled wood panel, 10×10 inches

domino 825 72

This is Domino. Sadly, Domino passed away recently and his mom, Janet, wanted to have a portrait done in his memory. She told me how he was by her side always. He lived a long and happy life with a person that adored him. I wish all dogs were so fortunate.

Janet, left it up to me as to where her 10% donation would go. So I decided to give it to a friend that works through Rutherford County Humane Society. She is a foster mom and works tirelessly to help animals. It’s a full time job and she gives the animals in her care her all.

Gift Certificates Available!

gift certificats72dpi

If you think a loved one might enjoy a pet portrait of their four-legged friend, a gift certificate might be the perfect gift. Gift certificates are great because you don’t have to find the photos for the portrait! Plus he or she can make the decisions regarding size and media. They too probably know best where they will want to hang the portrait. This way you can leave the guesswork out of the process and let the recipient of your generous gift find the perfect photo!


The Three Muses, colored pencil on toned paper, 16″ x 18″

3 muses 72 copy

Giclee prints of this drawing are now available on Etsy!

I’ve had horses in my life since I was a child and I did this drawing simply because I love horses. The bond and magic I feel when I’m with them is beyond words. My parents graced me with my first horse when I was 12 years old. I named him “Dad’s Promise,” because my dad had promised me a horse. Christmas morning of that year, I woke to unexpectedly find a halter and apple beneath the tree. I was beside myself with excitement. When asked what color he was, my mother told me he was purple! Upon arriving to the stables, I found, not a purple horse, but a white horse with a cream colored mane and socks. He wore a red bow in his forelock. He was a simple old school horse, but I saw him as the answer to a long-held dream. We loved each other with all our hearts and nothing in my life has given me more joy than the bond I shared with Promise.

Dingo, oil on canvas, 8″ x 8″

dingo 600 copy

This is Dingo, better known as Dingy-da-Pingy. Dingo came to live with me before he was even born! I found his mama behind the Barnes and Noble bookstore where I worked in Johnson City, Tn. I brought her home clueless to the fact that she was pregnant with 5 babies. (Thank you Kirsten Collins for adopting 2 of them:) Dingo came out yelling and hollerin’ so i decided to name him Domingo after Placido Domingo. Over time Domingo was shortened to Dingo and now he has to live with the most undignified name of Dingy. I have to admit, it fits.

Homage to Mary, mixed media on paper, 45″ x 32″

homageto marysmall copy

This is a mixed media piece using instant coffee, pastel and charcoal. It is in memory of Mary, the Erwin, Tennessee Elephant, a very sad story that I won’t go into now. When I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts Degree, I had a thesis exhibition entitled “Symbiosis.” The entire exhibit was about elephants, how they have touched my life and that of others. If you would like to learn more about Mary, here is a link to her story, but be forewarned, it is very sad. That is why I was moved to draw her. I needed to find some way to honor her.