Children’s Book Illustration

mrs.g005 copy

Mrs. Gambel came about after I was contacted by local authors Madeline and Summer Hays. Eight year old Madeline and her mother wrote the story after a visit to Arizona. Throughout their trip they were amused by the silly Gambels Quails they encountered. Their experience led to the writing of this book and I was fortunate enough to illustrate it for them.

“Mrs. Gambel is a loving-yet-forgetful mother of seven. She takes wonderful care of her babies, but, as young readers will come to know, she does sometimes forget where she leaves them. “Now where did I leave my babies? Oh, there you are . . . come along dears.” But how will Mrs. Gambel be able to keep an eye on all of her babies when they go on a trip to visit Aunt Flossy for a picnic? Influenced by a family vacation, this sweet story of a mother animal taking care of her own family will charm moms and kids alike while also introducing the Gambel’s quail, native to the American Southwest.”  Please click on each image to see the details. Thanks for looking!

Pg.17 on way to flossy's copy

On the Way to Aunt Flossy’s House, watercolor, colored pencil, 13″x16″


Pg. 2 Mrs. Gambel copy 2

Pg. 3 Mrs. Gambel smaller copy

Come Along Dears, watercolor and colored pencil, 9″ x 13″


Jerri002_sm copy

Sunday Best, watercolor and colored pencil, 13″ x 16″


pg. 23 bath small copy

Now We Must Wash Up, watercolor and colored pencil, 13″ x 16″


mrs.g small copy

Now Where Could They Be?, watercolor and colored pencil, 13″ x 16″


Pg.18auntflossy copy

Aunt Flossy, watercolor and colored pencil, 13″ x 16″


rocking chair small copy

A Dreamy Downy Slumber, watercolor and colored pencil, 13″ x 16″