Artist’s Statement

My drawings depict the many guises of elephants. Being a part of diverse cultures, elephants are deified in some, imprisoned in others. Elephants are creatures of magnificence. They are familial, intelligent, affectionate, powerful, submissive and godly. Their presence has enlightened the path of humans. It is unfortunate that we have rarely returned the kindness. Our relationship with these creatures has been one of dominance even in what may appear to be harmless circumstances.

Theoretical influences include psychoanalysts Carl Jung, James Hillman and Jerome S. Bernstein for their insights into human nature and the significant role animals play in our lives. Artistic influences include Sue Coe, Frank Noelker, Franz Marc and Deborah Butterfield. Their work has influenced me deeply. They find value in the human-animal relationship and share this insight with sensitivity and poignancy.

Generally, I combine media such as pastel, charcoal and graphite. I most enjoy working in a representational style atop various mixed media surfaces. My drawing surface may consist of plaster, coffee, India ink, gel medium, tissue or decorative papers. Experimentation with various media allows me to combine traditional and nontraditional methods.

These works reflect two years of submersion in the realm of the elephant. My hope is that the viewer will come to see the elephant with empathy. If you find yourself intrigued by this subject, you can read my thesis at this website.